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Danny Dreyer, founder of Chi Running/Chi Walking, with Lee Killpack in NYC. Picture taken while Lee was assisting Danny with May 2010 workshop.
LifeFlow Running Offers: 
  • Private Chi Running or Chi Walking clinics 
  • Small Group Chi Running and Chi Walking Workshops 
  • Free 1 hour introductory sessions for your group or business
  • Motivational talks about turning life's trials into strengths
What are Chi Running® and Chi Walking®?
Chi Running and Chi Walking combine the focus and flow of T’ai Chi with the movement of running and walking to increase energy efficiency dramatically.  By cooperating with the Life Flo of nature and its natural energy.  The common pounding, pain, exhaustion and injury associated with running and walking are replaced with relaxation and a feeling of just flowing down the road. 
The Chi Running and Chi Walking program creates a revolutionary new way of movement that takes these sports from being fitness regiments to holistic practices, thereby increasing mental clarity and focus, enhancing the joy of movement and creating a safe and effective lifelong program for health, fitness and well-being. 
  • Would you rather have to push yourself down the road against the force of gravity pulling down on you, or would you rather have that same force working with you by  pulling your down the road. 
  • Would you rather put your foot out in front of you, hitting with your heel thereby braking against the force of the road coming at you or would you rather allow the road to flow by under you when your  foot moves with the road with the same smoothness as the moving walkway in the airport? 
New Web Site Features
We've added a new page where we will post articles of interest regarding Chi Running, Chi Walking, health, and more.  If you run into an article you think would be of interest to fellow runners and walkers, feel free to send us a note through our Contacts page.
Got form?
There are many excellent products available from Chi Running® to help you improve your Chi Running or ChiWalking form.  Click the banner below to connect to the Chi Running site.
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